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Tips for Buying an Industrial Fryer

April 29, 2020
Tips for Buying an Industrial Fryer

The industrial fryer is an appliance that cannot be missing in a hospitality establishment that serves fried foods, such as fried or battered meat and fish, fried potatoes, churros, etc.

They are designed to heat large quantities of oil at temperatures between 150ºC and 200ºC.

When buying an industrial fryer for your restaurant, bar or “food truck” it is important to know well the needs that you are going to have and to be able to choose a deep fryer that meets the requirements you are looking for. The source of energy supply, the size, the manufacturing material and the number of baskets or tubs available for frying, are usually the characteristics that should be paid attention.

In the hospitality appliance market, you can find several types of industrial fryers, although the two main types are electric and gas.



Industrial Electric Fryers

Industrial electric fryers are easier to use and safer, although they do not heat at the same rate as gas fryers. You will have to wait a few minutes before you can fry food.

The disadvantage compared to gas is that electricity is more expensive, although if it is to be used a lot it will be cheaper in the long run.

Industrial Gas Fryers

Industrial gas fryers have the advantage that they heat faster than electric ones. Also, since gas is cheaper than electricity, an establishment that makes normal use of the fryer will save more than using an electric one.

For this reason, industrial gas fryers are more recommended for establishments that are not going to give it a very high use or for those cases in which there is no electricity outlet nearby, such as in the case of a “foodtruck” and other types traveling business.

Other characteristics to take into account when choosing the best industrial fryer

Price-performance ratio

When choosing the best industrial fryer for your restaurant or street food business, be sure to buy among the different brands on the market and opt for one that offers good value for money like Inblan.


In the market we can find small industrial fryers, normally bench-top and larger fryers, usually floor-standing. The choice of one or the other will depend on the space you have in your kitchen and, once again, on the requirements you have.

Fabrication material

There is not much to decide here, always choose a stainless steel industrial fryer. It is the best material for household appliances and, in many cases, it is a must-use in hospitality establishments.

Number of baskets or vats

Depending on the use to be given to the fryer, it is advisable to take into account the number of baskets that can be used at the same time, since more food can be fried at the same time. It is recommended that you have at least two baskets or vats.

Additional features

Make sure that the fryer you buy has all the extras that you will need to use it, such as tube and drain plug, protectors, etc.

In short, if you are going to buy an industrial fryer for your establishment, focus first of all on being clear about the requirements you need depending on the use it will give you and the space it has, and then compare among those brands that offer you what you are looking for.

We recommend you read the best frying recipes so that you get to know this culinary art first hand.

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