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The Best Industrial Electric Fryer of 2020

April 28, 2020
The Best Industrial Electric Fryer of 2020

Grow your restaurant or fast food business with industrial electric fryers, or if you are looking for one for your home, we have the one you are looking for. Unlike traditional industrial gas fryers, with these electric potato fryers you will save the gas consumption, time and effort of making many fries. They are also compact compared to gas, adapting to any space where you are going to use it.

Here you will find the best prices and offers for all types of industrial electric fryers, plus the one that best suits all your needs. Also if you need an electric fryer for your home on this website you can find all the models of electric fryers on the market to enjoy your favorite foods in the least time and effort.


Models of Industrial Electric Fryers

There are two types of industrial electric fryers on the market, each with a different purpose, one designed especially for the home and one for business use. Learn more about each of them here:

  • Industrial Electric Floor Fryers: They are professional deep fryers with a large capacity and high power resistance, designed for businesses such as fast food, hospitality and a restaurant. If you intend to improve the quality of your fries, the preparation time and economize on your business, it is good that you think about buying this industrial fryer.
  • Industrial Electric Desktop Fryers: These deep fryers are designed to better adapt to your kitchen, but with great capacity unlike other electric fryers like those without oil, so you can fry a large amount of food in the shortest time. You can use it in small fast food businesses, since they provide the best results in frying.

How to choose Industrial Electric Fryer choose?

If you are thinking of buying one of these electric industrial fryers, then you have to know our buying guide where we will show you the main characteristics that the industrial fryer you are going to buy must have.


The first thing you should be clear about before buying your professional industrial fryer is the capacity or the amount of frying you are going to do. If it is for a business, it is advisable to buy a 20 liter or 2 x 10 liter. But if it is for domestic use there are industrial fryer models with capacities from 5 to 10 liters, which will provide you with a greater amount of frying, unlike other common electric fryers.


The resistance power of industrial electric floor fryers can normally be between 3000 W. to 7000 W. And in the case of industrial desktop fryers they are in a range of 1000 W to 3000 W of power. If you need to make a larger amount of frying it is necessary that you opt for a high-power one as it guarantees a quick preparation of food.

Easy to use

If you want to prepare your potato chips in the shortest time and with the least effort, it is good that you opt with an easy-to-use electric industrial fryer and to know it, the fryer must have functions such as an adjustable thermostat to set the oil temperature, easy baskets to extract. In addition, a good power in the resistance will make the preparation of your fries easier and faster.

Easy cleaning

Industrial electric fryers are generally easy to clean, but I’ll show you a few features you should have to make it even easier to clean.

Material: Stainless steel is the most recommended material for an industrial fryer, because it will give it greater durability and make it easier to wash, since you can remove fat more easily.
Accessories: These should be easy to assemble and disassemble, also dishwasher safe.

Drain taps: If you are going to buy a large industrial fryer it is good that they have two drain taps to drain the oil for cleaning.

Advantages of Industrial Electric Fryers

  • Easy to Use: As with many electric fryers, these fryers only need to add the required amount of oil and select the temperature you want the oil to reach.
  • Strong: Many models of industrial electric fryers are made of stainless steel, giving the fryer greater strength and durability.
  • Temperature Control: These fryers have an adjustable thermostat where you can control the temperature of the oil, preventing it from burning.
  • Adaptable: Unlike industrial gas fryers, these industrial fryers are much more compact, since they only need an electrical outlet saving you a lot of space.
  • Easy Cleaning: There are models that have taps to remove used oil, covers to prevent splashing, easy accessories to remove and also made of stainless steel that will make cleaning the industrial fryer much easier.
  • Capacity: Industrial fryers have a capacity of up to more than 20 liters, and industrial bench-top fryers range from 5 to 10 liters.
  • Cold zone: Many of these fryers have this function that prevents the burning of frying residues, allowing their oil to last longer.
  • They are safe: With the temperature control, their covers that prevent splashing, reduce all kinds of danger and burn accidents.


  • Electricity consumption is higher compared to a household electric fryer, due to its capacity and powerful resistance.
  • Weight is another factor and it is understandable since they are large fryers and even more so if it is an industrial floor fryer.

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