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The 5 Best Industrial Fryers

April 28, 2020
The 5 Best Industrial Fryers

Do you have a hospitality business, and do you need fryers in your kitchen that are capable of withstanding all the pressure of a good restaurant? Having the best machinery is essential to be able to respond correctly to all diners with well-cooked dishes. For this reason, I have prepared a list of the best industrial fryers that you will be able to find on the market today and that will guarantee you a unique service at the best price.


¿What are the Best Industrial Fryers?

Electric Fryer FRY8-IRM

I will start by analyzing the Fry8 electric fryer model, which has some very interesting systems so that the cook can modify the temperature with an excellent load and with which you will work easily.

The first thing that stands out in this product is that it is a range that has been entirely made of stainless steel, so if you know how to take good care of this type of appliance, cleaning it from time to time, you will have an electric fryer that will work for life, as long as you maintain it. For this purpose, it can be removed without any complications, being able to separate the control panel from which you can carry out various functions, up to the resistance. In this way you can clean it without any part bothering you.

This product works up to 190 degrees, an ideal temperature for any type of frying, although you can modify others in case you want to fry at a lower temperature. For greater safety of the cook and also of the restaurant itself, a security system has been installed in which, when the thermostat reaches 210 degrees, the appliance automatically turns off, so that it does not suffer from overheating.

It is a small tank, with dimensions of 200 x 220 x 100 mm, but it will give you the possibility of working quickly thanks to its efficiency.

Fryer ECO PH4-PH

We find below another electric fryer that knows how to save perfectly both in oil consumed and in electricity, being one of the best consumption of all the list.

Each of its materials has been made of stainless steel, clearly seeking that it can be easily washed, its parts being removable for this purpose, but the most important thing is that it is a strong and durable product, something you will appreciate since You will save yourself having to buy machinery from time to time, having a first-class product.

You will have a large thermostat in the center of the control panel, with which you will gradually modify the temperature until you set it to the level you prefer, so you will get this product to heat and fry any type of food you have proposed . In order not to overheat, it has a built-in thermostat that will turn off when you feel that the temperature is excessive.

One of the pieces that must be protected the most from these devices is their connection cable, something that you will get in this device, since it has been reinforced so that you never have problems with broken or worn cables.

Fryer FF6-NV-PH

A fryer that you will even want to have in your house for the simplicity of its use, but also for the quality of its service and the way it leaves fried food.

The design, as you can see in the image that I provide you, has some interesting features. To begin with, it is a model that has been made in stainless steel, to give the product greater quality, ensuring that the oil itself or the water that you use later to clean it, will not corrode the machine, leaving it unusable to the passage of the years, in the same way, as it happens with the previous and later models, you will be able to disassemble it almost completely, so that you can do more reliable maintenance. Compared to previous models, this one has much more shine, giving a more careful, more upscale appearance, something that your cooks will appreciate when they use it. But what they are going to be grateful for is that the lid handle is larger than in certain products, thus achieving that they can open the electric fryer without burning them. Regarding the temperature, it will be able to regulate with its control up to 190 degrees, being able to modify the temperature to your liking with the control panel, in which you will also have the on and off button.


We find a model that the vast majority of cooks appreciate, and I will tell you the reason shortly, after analyzing certain technical specifications that you should also know.

In this case, they have a large control panel, blue in which you can see from the ignition pilot, to the wheel where you can change the working temperature. To turn on the machine you will have to press the orange button, checking that the small light bulb turns on, at which time you can set the desired temperature, which will take a few minutes and that allows the food to be fried in the shortest possible time. It has pieces made of stainless steel, resistant and very clean, that if after each use you give it a pass with a damp cloth, you will have a deep fryer for a long time. What I wanted to tell you about this industrial fryer is that it has a tap at the bottom that will help you empty the tank of used oil, pouring it into a bottle or container, thus improving its usefulness, since you will not have to dump the product to replace the oil with a new one.

Fryer ECO PH4 + 4-PH

If you liked the fryer that I have analyzed previously, the Eco Ph4, this time you will be able to enjoy a unique product, highly recommended for those restaurants that need a lot of material and machinery for the hospitality industry, since with this product you will have the option to enjoy two fryers of this type, but united so that you can control the frying much better, responding more orders and therefore, speeding up the process, keeping your diners happy because the food arrives faster.

Many chefs also use this type of double apparatus to differentiate food, therefore, in one you could add potatoes and vegetables, while in the other fish or meat, everything counts at the choice of the cook or kitchen manager, even if you put the food that you put, you should know that you have the best value for money, since it has been completely made of stainless steel, except for both the handles and the temperature control wheel, which will reach 190 degrees without problem. The grill will not be in contact with the resistance at any time, thus avoiding major problems, and if you are looking for a safe product, you will have a safety thermostat that will turn off the machine if it reaches 210 degrees and with a power that has been reinforced so that it is not damaged as easily.


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