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Oil Free Fryers

April 28, 2020
Oil Free Fryers

Oil-free deep fryers help you prepare food in a healthier way by frying through hot air. In some ways these fryers are similar to a miniature oven, cooking food with a large amount of hot air circulating at high speed. Actually, these fryers are known in two ways, oil-free fryers or air fryers.

With an oil-free fryer it is possible to fry food completely naturally, however, I recommend adding a small tablespoon of oil for really optimal results. In addition, oil-free fryers offer you the opportunity to cook a wide variety of foods, from vegetables and potatoes, to meat and frozen foods, among many others.

Perhaps you might think that oil-free fryers are simple and similar devices among all the models that exist, however, when you go to buy an oil-free fryer it is important to take into account some aspects, which differentiate an oil-free fryer from Another to make it easier for you to choose the fryer that best suits your needs.

Look at its capacity since it is undoubtedly one of the aspects that must be taken into account, in the market you will find oil-free fryers that have buckets that have a capacity that varies between 1 and 5 liters. A trick to know how many servings you can prepare according to the capacity of the fryer, one serving is counted for each liter and leaving a little margin; In other words, an oil-free fryer with a capacity of 3 liters allows you to cook 3 to 4 servings, while a 5-liter fryer can prepare 5 to 6 servings.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Fryers

When speaking of air fryers, I can assure you that their performance is really good, especially that of the most modern models. I am sure that if you try an oil-free fryer you will no longer want to make your fries with another type of fryer.

It is necessary to mention that air fryers are very easy to use, so if you have not had a fryer before you will learn how to use it without major problems. Usually you only have to follow a few simple steps to get the fryer up and running and cooking your favorite dishes in a much healthier way than with a traditional fryer.

From my point of view, the latter I am talking about is the main advantage offered by fryers without oil since they do not add additional calories to any of the foods, since only a small teaspoon of oil is added, which makes the food be much healthier. However, I am going to make a small list of the main advantages and disadvantages of oil-free deep fryers for me so that it is easier for you to know if you should buy an oil-free deep fryer:

Advantages of Oil Free Fryers

  • Greater comfort when cooking as it is not necessary to be aware of cooking at all times.
  • It is possible to reduce 85% of the fat in food.
  • You will cook without smoke or odors in the kitchen or on clothes.
  • You will save on oil, since these types of fryers work without oil, although as I mentioned before you can add a teaspoon.
  • They do not cause splashes when used.
  • They are cleaned more easily.

Disadvantages Air Fryers

  • In fact, the food is not really fried, so both its flavor and its texture are not the same as traditional fries, they are also not as crispy and they are not cooked as uniformly.
  • They are usually more expensive than oil fryers and generally have higher power consumption.
  • They tend to be a little noisy and slower than oil ones.

What You Have to Consider Before Buying an Oil-Free Fryer

To make the right purchase of your deep fryer without oil, keep in mind the following points:

Capacity: This point acquires great importance since you must take into account how many people you plan to cook. Currently on the market you have air fryers with one to five liters of capacity.

Power: The fryers without oil have motors that cause a circulation of hot air throughout the tank that cooks your food. You’ll find oil-free fryers from 800 watts to 2,000 watts, but keep in mind that the cooking time will be slightly higher than traditional fryers.

Size: These oil-free fryers are usually smaller than traditional fryers, however before buying a look well its dimensions to be able to locate it in your kitchen without problems.

Features: With the vast majority of oil-free fryers, you can fry, cook, roast, toast, and bake many healthier dishes than traditional fryers. Also check if the fryer without oil has auto-off, timer, adjustable temperature, anti-overheating system… and ultimately everything that can help you make the preparation of your favorite dishes easier.


Enjoying a delicious and healthy food that is oil-free is much easier if you do it with an oil-free fryer, since these are the only fryers on the domestic market that offer us to enjoy any food, whether fried or not, without that it is necessary to use a large amount of oil, making the dishes much simpler to prepare and, above all, healthier.

The cooking time of oil-free fryers is somewhat longer than with traditional fryers. The most comfortable thing is that you review the instruction book of your deep fryer without oil and look at the recommended cooking times for each type of food, since depending on the food and the type of cooking you choose, the times will vary.

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