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Industrial Gas Fryer

April 29, 2020
Industrial Gas Fryer

If you hate keeping your customers waiting and you are looking for the fryer that brings the most profitability to your business, the best option is to buy an industrial gas fryer. Models that stand out for their speed of heating the oil. We bring you the best industrial gas fryers with the best prices.


Advantages of an industrial gas fryer

If you are looking for an industrial fryer it is because you need a kitchen tool to work fast and feed many customers or diners. But let’s see what are the main advantages of gas models that will convince you:

  • The main virtue of a gas fryer versus an electric model is the speed with which they heat the oil. This translates into savings compared to models that work with electricity.
  • Gas, and especially in the case of natural gas, is a much cheaper energy option than electricity.
  • Once you have the gas installation in your business, the ease of use of a professional gas fryer is practically the same as that of an electric one. You just have to turn it on, wait for the oil to heat up, and start frying your recipes.
  • It is an industrial machine that pass with high quality standards and the most rigorous security controls.
    They are made with stainless steel bodies that make cleaning and maintenance very easy.
  • In our catalog there are models adapted for any type of bar, restaurant, pizzeria etc: 2 breasts, different capacities, with furniture, etc.

Keep in mind that for intensive uses the best option is an electric fryer.

Less positive points

Like any tool, not everything is an advantage.

  • If we compare it with an electric industrial fryer, they are less easy to move from one side to the other, since you will either need an electrical gas installation, or you will also have to carry butane or propane bottles.
  • You should also take into account the price of gas for your business, since it varies from the locality where your restaurant is located.
  • A handicap of these models is that in the same way that it reaches the oil temperature quickly, they also lose its heat quickly.
  • Let’s see what are the steps to follow so that your professional gas fryer has maximum durability, and that your employees work safely with it.

Advice on buying a second-hand industrial gas fryer

You can go to portals such as milanuncios or wallapop where you will find many sellers of bars that have closed that carry out the sale of their used fryers.

You may encounter the problem that it is full of dirt such as greases, oxides and other damages. So I advise you before going to the reconditioned section of amazon. There you can find pre-owned and guaranteed products at really cheap prices.

Buy an Industrial Electric Fryer at the Best Price

If you are looking for the best profitability for your business, the best option is to buy an industrial gas fryer. Now, you must bear in mind that these models are not designed for very intensive uses. If this is your case, the best option is to buy an industrial electric fryer.

We analyze the models of industrial gas fryers to bring you the best information of those with the best opinions and positive comments on Amazon. Therefore you have the best information assured to assess which gas industrial fryer to buy that best suits your business, to which we add the best offers of industrial fryers for sale. They are all advantages!

In our online store we have the industrial gas fryers for desktop and standing with the best offers and low cost prices of the moment.

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