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Cecofry Compact Plus The Multifunction Oil Free Fryer

July 4, 2020
Cecofry Compact Plus

Surely many of you will already know it is the Cecofry Compact Plus from Cecotec. It is a multi-function oil-free fryer that allows you to cook food with just one tablespoon of oil, which is why it is also known for being a diet fryer that allows you to prepare much healthier and tastier dishes, since it not only respects the flavors of each food, but also the properties of them.

To use the Cecofry Compact Plus fryer, just place 1 tablespoon of oil inside the basket, check that there is space for the air to circulate quietly, regulate the temperature, time and as a personal tip I will tell you to stir the food every 10 minutes with in order to obtain a completely balanced cooking.


Features Cecofry Compact Plus Fryer

  • Multifunction diet fryer, cooks almost without oil.
  • It has a temperature regulator that allows choosing between 100 and 250ºC, as well as a regulator to adjust the time from 0 to 60 minutes.
  • Includes a ceramic container with a capacity of 4-5 liters, ideal for both ovens and stoves.
  • It has a glass lid to monitor food.
  • Includes a cookbook that has more than 50 recipes.
  • It has 1000W of Power.

Cleaning the Cecotec Cecofry Compact Plus

Since you only use a small amount of oil, the cleaning task turns out to be quite simple. Its basket is removable, as is the ceramic container, making it possible to clean them safely, comfortably and easily.

Advantages of the Cecofry Compact Plus Fryer

  • The Cecofry Compact Plus fryer is a multi-function fryer that allows us to fry, bake, roast and toast any kind of food, making it possible to prepare a large number of recipes, all you need to do is adjust the settings according to the dish you are go prepare.
  • It offers the opportunity to have perfect control over the cooking process, since its container in which the frying basket is placed, has a capacity of 4 or 5 liters, depending on the version you choose, which can be used in ovens and also on stoves.
  • Due to its design with glass lid, it is possible to know at all times what state the cooking is in, so you can have control of it to reach the ideal point in each recipe.
  • With the Cecofry Compact Plus fryer you can prepare your meals in a healthier way than with traditional fryers, not in vain this fryer is known as a multifunction diet fryer.

Disadvantages of the Cecotec Fryer

  • Potatoes are not fried the same way they are when using a traditional fryer.
  • Their cooking time for food is usually longer than traditional fryers normally require to cook any type of food.


As you can see this fryer has its pros and cons so if you do not mind giving up the typical fried touch that other types of fryers give you and you prefer that your kitchen be healthier, you can certainly decide to buy the Cecofry Compact Plus.

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